Moore's Reminders for Math

Moore’s Reminders for Math is a tool for students and
adults who may have forgotten some of the basic steps in a
particular math process.
Each card can refresh the memory and enable a
student to continue a math procedure with very little

Each area of basic math beginning with decimals
through solving multi-step equations using integers is
demonstrated in these cards.

Each area is color coded and the cards are numbered
  •   Example:
  • Fractions are in white and numbered
    W1, W2, W3 etc…

  • If reminding is needed in adding
    fractions, go  to the white  cards and find

  • Each step in the process is shown on
    the  card.  Math terms are referenced by
    color and page number.

  • Example:  NUMERATOR (W1), the
    definition of this term is on the first white
Moore's Reminders
How  To Use